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Thank you so much for all of your amazing yarn club ideas! I put up a thread on Facebook asking for your input about upcoming club themes, and you not only responded, but came up with wonderful ideas that people liked even better. I first put up some of my favorites, like Princess Bride, ALice in Wonder and Big Bang Theory, and Amy’s suggestions, like Teas and The Circus. You supported a bunch of the ones we thought of, but then started adding your own themes, which people loved.

Tamera had the idea for a Four Seasons Club, using colors inspired by each season. People ran with this and it won hands down as our next featured club! Her brilliance earned Tamera a free membership to the club, too.

Four Seasons

A club with colors influenced by Teas was the next biggest vote-getter, so yummy yarns and fragrant teas will be offered in this late-fall club.

image,: the tuscan traveler

image,: the tuscan traveler

Many people share my love of the Princess Bride, so we’ll offer that one starting in February. I have to agree with Laura Anne that, “Anything but the Princess Bride is inconceivable!”

download (4)

Big Bang Theory is beloved by so many, but sadly, lost to Princess Bride by a single vote. Maybe we should have played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock for a spot…

download (5)

However, since I can’t bear to disappoint Sheldon or his fans, we’re going to have a special Yarn Collection based on the show starting July 31, so watch for it!

I loved seeing the many other ideas people hold dear: check out the ideas from these passionate knitters.

Kay: how about Downton Abbey? Outlander? Christmas cookies?

Laura: New Star Wars movie in December, so Star Wars!!

Diane: Outlander – chunky patterns, woodsy, Highland yarn, tartan colors

Linda: Pride and Prejudice, Outlander or Poldark, as I love period dramas!

Chris: Pride and prejudice sounds great but how about ‘The Emerald Isle’ celebrating all that’s good about Ireland?

Building on the tea theme, Jen suggested Tea and chocolate

Lee: The Good Wife.

Heather: I can see you doing amazing things with a Willy Wonka theme! (What a genius idea! I have a bunch of colors popping into my head already… and we do have Violet Beauregarde….)

Ann: Monty Python!

Linda: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mystery! (Had never heard of this, but now I totally want to watch it…)

Pixie Dust Come What May 100g

Julia: Moulin Rouge, which makes perfect sense, since I’m quite taken with Baz Luhrmann’s film myself. We already have Come What May and The Can Can Can…..


G. K. said:Off the top of my head, what about Famous Works of Art [like one colorway based on Van Gogh’s Starry Night, another on Japanese artist Hokusai’s Mount Fuji series (the wave is most well-known, I think), yet another from Claude Monet’s Water Lilies series, etc.]? You could even go off into sculptures, with Alexander Calder’s mobiles inspiring a colorway, and so forth. That would be cool!

download (1)

Richelle and Kristine like nature: “Birds? Colorful plumage to earthy tones. Lots to pick from there.”

download (2)

Kay: I like the idea of Leading ladies of literature (a riff off of the Jane Austen leading ladies).

Some people voted for their fave clubs of the past, which warms my heart.

Tagati: Have to go with Firefly (only club in the ‘verse!).

Kristine: All wrapped up. Love shawls.

Dr Who, says Sharon…

You all delight me with your wit and wisdom. Now we have great clubs lined up for fall and winter, and it’s all thanks to you!

Take care and keep on knitting,


July 07, 2015 by Knitcircus

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