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This time of the year makes me smile. I love the cold, crisp air and leaves on the ground, the opportunity to cook soups and stews (we had homemade chicken soup, lentil soup and beef stew this week) and the chance to wear handknits daily. It’s also a precious few weeks between kids’ sports seasons, so we can actually be at home both weekend days.

Cirilia Rose’s New Book


photo courtesy STC Craft/Jared Flood

Now is the perfect time to curl up with a new book, and  designer Cirilia Rose has just come out with a lovely one: Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads; a Modern Knitter’s Guide to Discovering and Exploring Style.


photo courtesy STC Craft/Jared Flood

Author Cirilia Rose (above) introduces the concept of a “bricoleur;” drawing on a rich array of geographic and historic sources to create originality. As Brand Ambassador for New Zealand mill Woolyarns, former Creative Director for Skacel Collection, host of The Fiber Factor and former photo stylist and media person for Berroco, Cirilia brings lots of style experience to the table.

MagpiesHomebodiesandNomads_p041 CROPPED

photo courtesy STC Craft/Jared Flood

The text shares Cirilia’s passion for curating her own style, watching trends and putting together a story for photoshoots. She translates her world travel, packing experience and styling into a thoughtful, organized explanation of how you, as a knitter, can choose colors and styles to create your own stylish persona.


photo courtesy STC Craft/Jared Flood

She divides the book into three sections, the Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads of the title. Magpies text and patterns focus on using precious bits of yarn or decoration, Homebodies on both home decor projects or pieces to wear around town, and Nomads on styles inspired by Cirilia’s travels to places like Amsterdam and Iceland and versatile pieces to anchor your packing for trips.

The book includes 25 women’s sweater, accessory and home decor patterns, all with Cirilia’s distinctive, fashion-forward style. The Coterie Cardigan, Heima slippers and L’Arbre hat and mitts modeled by Cirilia above all called out to me. The sweaters definitely trend toward smaller figures (not all of us can go without undergarments) but there’s plenty to try among the accessories for every body type. You can find all of the patterns on Ravelry here.

Stories from Cirilia’s life and travels enrich the book, like a section on thrift shopping, and I loved the Canon section on recommended reading for both fashion and knitting techniques. Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads gives us a unique and engaging book from one of handknitting’s young stars.

Thanks to Stewart, Tabori and Chang for letting me review it!


Curls collage

Just wanted to mention that Hunter Hammersen has a new book out, too, that will be available for preorder today! Curls explores all different ways of creating fun, gauge-free shawls.

And one last fun pattern:

photo:Susan B. Anderson

photo:Susan B. Anderson

Susan B. Anderson just released one that looks like such relaxing fun to knit! The Yowza Weight-It shawl incorporates worsted weight yarn, garter stitch and ruffles in what looks like a delightful way. I really, really want to cast on for this, but I have to finish at least ofne of the deadline projects on my needles first!

What a fun time to be a knitter!


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