Bahamas and Back Again

KnitcircusApr 25, '14

More notes from the Bahamas!

Internet faded in and out, but I did take advantage of my free time to check out StitchMaps, the new charting site developed by tech editor and author of Charts Made Simple, JC Briar. In the world of charting, it’s a revolutionary idea,where the stitches actually change the direction of the knitted fabric like they do in real life. Look at the beloved Feather and Fan chart in StitchMaps format! I joined and am excited to be able to use some StitchMaps for a couple of upcoming patterns, where I think they’ll really make the stitches easier to understand.


photo: jcbriar for StitchMaps

 A Bit of the BahamasIMG_2495[1]

…And then there were the shoes. I’m a practical, Midwestern gal most of the time, and my list of summer shoes stops at #2, but the sensible Land’s End ones I’d purchased for the trip gave me instant blisters. Mike lost his glasses in a big wave, and they don’t just make him look distinguished, they help him see everything beyond his arm’s reach, so we took a scenic trip to the optician.

It just happened to be near a store with a shoe sale. I wanted to find something that we couldn’t get at home, an island shoe, and the prices were well within range. Something about the shiny and the strappy really got to me. Maybe Tim Gunn would mention the taste level, and truth be told, they gave me more grief than the first ones. I had to tape the straps and band-aid my toes to wear them, but I didn’t care, because these plastic, shiny, glittery shoes captured my shoe heart. Such was my lurve for them. I’m wearing them even today, when the Wisconsin temperature gets up to a balmy 66 degrees F.

Back at Home

Speaking of balmy weather, let’s talk about what won’t be: Opening Weekend for the local Little League baseball season. Little Buddy’s home opener on Sunday is expected to be forties and (hopefully not) rainy. I’m putting my podcast experience to use as the announcer for the game. (Haven’t told Little Buddy this yet, but I’ll need to give him some time to get over the embarrassment). Cross your fingers the rain holds off so we can cheer on our fave Boys of Summer!


photo: west madison little league

In the Lair: Custom Orders!


eat, pray, knit

Chris was busy while I was gone, and thank goodness for her keeping track of orders and getting yarn ready for dyeing! If you placed a Come What May order, you can be sure it’ll be dyed up within the next couple of days, and look for the rest of the Gradient Club packages next week before we leave for TNNA!



maple leaves

She’s also been busy listing things in the store, including a brand-new Dyed-to-Order option for many of our most popular colors! Choose your set (Matching Socks or single gradient) and your yarn base and we’ll dye it up for you!



mermaid lagoon

I’m also working on developing a couple of new gradients that we’re pretty excited about and looking forward to sharing them with you soon!

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring and that you’re seeing green and growing things,








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