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KnitcircusMar 14, '14

Fiber Love

Amy J, Chris and I have been dyeing, drying, packaging and administrating like crazy, so here are some behind-the-scenes Yarn and Lair pictures for Friday.

fibers fibers

if you’re wondering, we mark cakes with different-colored stitch markers to show which yarn base we used so we don’t have any mix-ups!IMG_1099


We add a little mini-skein to every box, and your lovely orders have been keeping Amy busy skeining up these fun little guys!

it's always Fashion Week around here

it’s always Fashion Week around here

And Chris has only been in the Lair a little while, but already contributing ideas to make things more efficient and more fun! So here’s a flash sale, courtesy of her!

Happy Pi Day! To celebrate, we’re having a flash sale in the Knitcircus Yarn Shop– buy 3 skeins of regularly-priced yarn, get 14% off your purchase. Use coupon code MmmPi, good through 3/15 (to give our overseas customers time to see this). May we interest you in some Lemon Meringue?


Food Love

I’ve mentioned my favorite foodie podcast, Spilled Milk,, many times on the Knitcircus podcast, and Molly also has a lovely blog called Orangette which I’ve loved for years. Matthew wrote a very fun book, Pretty Good Number One, about his family’s eating adventures in Tokyo which made me want to take my kids there right away!

Knitting blogs are no problem, but I wanted to get more food blogs going and found this list on Saveur of the best food blogs for this year. A bunch of these are going to foodify me for sure!


I knew Anthony Bourdain had made a career of travelling and eating after the success of his bad-boy memoir, Kitchen Confidential, but hadn’t realized he’d written more books. Just finished reading Medium Raw, a collection of profiles, stories, interviews and rants. Very tasty.

Huh, just saw that Kitchen Confidential was made into a tv show in 2005 with Bradley Cooper and Nicholas Brendon (Zander!). Has anyone seen this? It actually looks pretty good.


Recommended by local reviewer (and friend) Stephanie Bedford: Bread and Butter, by Michelle Wildgen, the story of three brothers in the restaurant business in a medium-sized city. On the flip side of Kitchen Confidential, not as much about coke-fueled all-nighters as about making a go of it in a tricky business and navigating relationships in a family determined to stick together.

Sorry, no photo, but through this long winter, we’ve been making this delicious hot chocolate from AllRecipes. We prefer our hot chocolate with several servings of homemade whipped cream, renewing it as each spoonful melts…

Last Sunday, Belle and I hosted a hot chocolate party for Grammy and Buppa; she whipped the vanilla cream while I whisked the chocolate. We set the table with white plates and napkins and felt very sophisticated.

Happy weekend, everyone, and wishing you lots of tasty food and fibers! I’ll be hanging out at the Knit-In tomorrow morning just enjoying the scene, so please say Hi if you’re in the marketplace!


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