Time to cast on! What color to choose?

Of course, we make this choice every single time. What color will look good on me, him, or her? Which shade will make my cables pop or let my lace shine? But I always wondered, which colors are the most popular?

As someone who dyes yarn, I wondered what color knitters choose most often. I love orange and blue, and would pretty much dye nothing but blue and green if left to my own devices, but when knitting for myself, I tend to choose reds or purples. But I want to dye yarns that knitters really want to use, and not subject them to my favorite colors all the time! So what are knitters choosing when they cast on?

The answer is out there, and of course, it’s on Ravelry. I ask myself what we would do without Ravelry pretty much daily. Under the Projects tab, they had projects broken down by color category.

And the amazing thing about Ravelry, and knitters, is that we’ve finished so many projects that I rounded them to the nearest 25 thousand. Luckily, the Lair was happy to provide colors to make this color lineup for you!

Here it is:

color popularity5

So there it is; the knitters have spoken!

Some of these surprised me; orange looks like an acquired taste, and gray must go with everything. Are we using pink for baby projects, or do we really love a strong hot pink for ourselves to wear with a little black dress?

Did any of these numbers surprise you or confirm your dearest opinions? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

March 07, 2014 by Knitcircus

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