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As you may know, I have sworn off holiday knitting. Much as I love to make projects for my sweet family and friends, my knitting time mostly focuses on Yarn Club patterns these days. And I’ve decided not to try to make projects secret anymore when I do knit them, so I don’t have to hide myself away or wait until the kids are in bed. My new philosophy is to knit projects for my loved ones whenever the time or need appears and then just give it to them!

So a week or so ago, with the first real cold snap, we realized that Li’l Buddy needed a new hat. His old Gryffindor stripes simply would not do with his new black-and-white camo-print jacket. He requested a plain black hat with no decorations of any kind (my little boy is turning into a guy!).


This picture was literally taken as he walked out the door with his new hat on.

ImageMy skater guy.

Here it is in a moment of repose.


It’s my Carousel Worsted in a kettle-dyed black. Very simple, just like he wanted! I just cast on 70 sts on size 8 16″ needles, worked ribbing for a couple of inches so he could double it over the ears, knit until it measured about 7 inches from the CO edge and did a simple pinwheel decrease.

All of my other knitting right now is Secret Yarn Club pattern knitting, so no photos yet!

Yarn Clubs

Speaking of the Clubs, here’s the latest:

The *Matching Socks Club* second packages are ready. If you just signed up for one and want more sock-y goodness, you can purchase the same thing again for #2, or shoot me an email (jaalaATknitcircusDOTcom) with your Paypal addy and I’ll send you an invoice! I won’t reveal the color, but will say that it’s the new Thrilling Merino-Silk base, which is beautifully round and shiny and knits like a dream.

The *All Wrapped Up Yarn Club* yarns are all ready, just waiting for pattern layout to finish up. They should all be in the mail this coming Tuesday or Wednesday.

The *Gradient Club* second packages are getting close. My goal is to have all of those in the mail Wednesday as well, but some of them may go out right after the Thanksgiving holiday. For those of you waiting on errata for the Cable and Fan pattern, I have new corrections from my tech editor and plan to post a word doc for you to download with the newest info as soon as I can. You will all get a new print version of the corrected pages in the third package. Thanks for your patience!


apricot thrilling 2

Thanks to so many of you who have purchased yarn in the big sale! Vogue Knitting, and getting to talk to so many knitters, really helped me carve out a better focus with dyeing (I’m learning, maybe slowly, but I do learn). You all love the gradients and kits, so that’s what I’ll dye! From now on, I’m working toward offering a menu of always-available gradients with complementary kettle dyes, rotating in new and seasonal colors.

pixie dust khione 2

With that in mind, all of the kettle-dyed yarn currently in the Lair is on sale for $15 each.

new warm brick

I still have plenty more, including some Pixie Dust sparkly skeins and a bunch of the Fall and Winter Special Collection colors I’m photographing and listing in the shop daily. Amy J and I have also been working to finish more gradients; we made so many for Vogue, we didn’t even get to process them all, so there are fresh new gradients arriving in the store, too.


Look at the tower of packages! You guys are the best. I’ve also kind of fallen in love with this decorative packing tape.

Wheel of Coolness

Last night, our family plus Buppa and a couple of Li’l Buddy’s buddies went to the Mad Circus Gala at the Barrymore Theater. The variety show raised money for the new Madison Circus Space, which I didn’t even know about before the show. Some of our favorite Madison acts, like Truly Remarkable Loon and the kid Madison Unicyclists performed, and they rocked. Three acts used the German Wheel, which they teach at the Circus Space, and, wow! Rolling and flipping around in a huge, heavy wheel never looked so cool. Here’s some video (not the people who performed last night, but fun to watch).Of course, both of our kids immediately wanted to learn the German Wheel (heck, I did, too, but my agility isn’t quite there). Maybe we’ll start going to the Club!

November 24, 2013 by Knitcircus

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