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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, those of you at Rhinebeck, (luckies!) and those of us enjoying the autumn at home.

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This morning, I was inspired by the delightful broot15961 in my Ravelry messages to think about kinds of yarn that do (or do not) count as stash. She provided a number of them!

1) Goes without saying, that thanks to the Yarn Harlot, sock yarn doesn’t count as stash.

2) Broot pointed out that yarn bought as part of a kit, especially for a Knitalong, doesn’t count, That yarn is purposeful and community building!

3) Yarn bought on a vacation or trip to remember a special place. That skein is not yarn, it’s a memento.

4) Yarn bought to celebrate giving away/finishing a project with other yarn. There was still a spot available, so it’s not really enlarging the stash.

5)Yarn bought as part of a special outing with a knitting friend. This was friendship-building. Especially if you both purchased the same yarn.

6) Laceweight. Lace is, in fact, so much yarn for the price, that you get credit for an extra couple of worsted weight skeins. That yarn is going to keep you out of trouble for a long time!

7) If you make a project for charity, whether or not it was from stash, you definitely get credit for a new skein of yarn. You’re a good person who deserves a reward.

I’m sure you all have more. Please let me know your favorite yarn diet loopholes!

IMG_5965PS In an unrelated note, there are new fall colors up in the store

October 22, 2013 by Knitcircus

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