Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more adorable, Susan B. Anderson has topped herself with her new book, Topsy Turvy Inside Out Knit Toys.

I was a huge fan of her Itty Bitty series, poring over every single design in Itty Bitty Hats not just for gifts, but for the sheer charm and inspiration of each tiny hat. I still think of the Upside Down Daisy hat when I want to give myself a little lift.

Imagine my delight when I learned that Susie lives in my town, Madison, Wisconsin!  She let me interview her for one of the very earliest issues of Knitcircus (in print, no less), and I found her as warm and generous as everyone who reads her blog knows her to be.

Susie and I meet up as often as we can, to enjoy some tea, her homemade banana bread and knitting together.  She’s always the perfect hostess, offering warm beverages and home-baked treats in her clean, beautiful home with a genuine humbleness as if it’s no big deal.

Something I admire tremendously in Susie is her commitment to her family and ability to put her four children first firmly and graciously at every turn, while still maintaining a successful career as a designer.  Susie always offers great advice and encouragement , and knits faster than almost anyone else I’ve met!

She is genuinely excited about knitting and loves to showcase other people’s designs, yarns and handmade treasures on her blog, making a positive splash in the knitting community on their behalf.

As you may know from the podcast, I’m a knitted toy enthusiast, and Susie’s new book explores the most fascinating knitted toy realm, reversible toys. It’s two toys in one!

I still remember my friend in third grade who had a Red Riding Hood doll whose skirt could reverse to reveal the wolf in Grandma’s clothes. Susie’s designs have no scary wolf lurking inside, only the promise of hedgehogs, bunnies, fairies and baby penguins to delight even the smallest kids. But my 11-year-old girl wants the Hedgehog/Squirrel, too!


Inspired by the sweet animated book trailer, here’s a progress of my own knitted Happy Mouse/Sad Mouse, the little round-bellied flip toy from Topsy Turvy Inside Out Knit Toys. I used one of my gradients to shade the mouse from light to dark.

Happy Mouse

Happy Mouse

You, too, can knit an adorable flip or reversible toy from Susie’s new book; to win a copy, please leave a comment telling us which cutie from the book you would knit first.

The giveaway runs through September 8th, and the winner will be announced on the 9th, the day before the next blog tour stop, September 10th with the incomparable Wendy Bernard, of Knit and Tonic!

September 05, 2013 by Knitcircus

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