Lil Buddy in his favorite place, Center Field

The whirlwind swept through, and All-Star tournament season finished up a couple of weeks ago. It was exciting to get to watch Li’l Buddy thrive on the challenge of playing and learning every day. His team won more than they lost, and even won the championship in one tournament, so that was satisfying. I have a feeling that he’s going to be friends with his teammates for a long time. Mike and I got close to some of the parents, too, and it feels strange not to see them every day!

Put me in, coach, I'm ready to play

Put me in, coach, I’m ready to play

Two Baseball Sweaters


Remember this sweater? It’s my 5200k, better known as my Baseball Sweater. Last year, I knitted socks, but this year, I really wanted to have a sweater ready for fall, so parents got used to seeing the purple project while we waited for the kids to take the field. Some days, I wished it was done, especially the last tournament of the year, when it got so cold we could see our breath for half the day.

The Baseball Sweater was coming along fine, though baseball fascinates me, and I didn’t get in as much knitting as I’d expected. Then, one day, disaster struck; I couldn’t find the project bag anywhere! Who loses a sweater?!?!I couldn’t believe my own idiocy, but I was determined to have a 5200k, so I started a second one.

I'm the second Baseball Sweater

I had almost reached the sleeve separation when…ta dahhh! The first one turned up under some camp chairs.

I'm back, and better than ever

I’m back, and better than ever

So for the last couple of weeks, everything was as it should be, and I got to work about half of the sweater. This is the new thing I’m trying, a gradient yoke with matching kettle-dyed yarn for the rest of the body and sleeves. Some kits like this in various colors will be coming to the shop soon!

Our hope was to get Lil Buddy through the All-Star season with no injuries (let’s call it a swing-for-the-fences lifestyle); twenty minutes after the pizza party ended the season, he flew off his bike ramp on a scooter and ended up sliding on his face. Thank heavens he was wearing a helmet, but he still ended up with one eye swollen shut, and was so beat-up and worn-out that he didn’t leave the couch for two days. We have photos, but won’t subject you to them.

Right around the same time, Belle’s tiniest toe got stepped on and broken by a visiting friend, so Buddy D was the only one left standing. We told him he was going to have to wear catcher’s gear every time he left the house.

Yarn News

ready for the shop...

ready for the shop…

In yarn news, I’m spending every possible moment dyeing up Yarn Club skeins, and have cooked up some pretty exciting things for the shop for Fall, including a new type of gradient, a number of new yarn fiber bases and a crop of new Fall colors. Stay tuned!

Next week, Amy and I will record a new podcast, and you’ll get to hear her tales from Knitting Camp!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer,


August 20, 2013 by Knitcircus

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