I’m constantly inspired by Susan B Anderson’s blog, and I love how she talks about yarns and tools she finds herself using over and over again. Her post on Little Skein in the Big Woods got me so excited that I ordered a set of her markers to try them out.

So, here’s the first of an occasional blog series featuring tools, shows, podcasts and yarny goodness that I love, and I hope you’ll enjoy them, too!

The Fiber Factor

Project Runway is always so much fun, and the cool kids at Skacel have created a knitting version of this popular reality show, called The Fiber Factor!

Hosted by Karin Skacel, and designer Cirilia Rose, the show challenges designers to use Skacel yarns in different challenge formats to show off their inspiration and techniques. Even better, all of the 12 competitors will be able to complete in all of the challenges, so you don’t have the heartbreak of watching your favorite designer get cut before their time. Guest judges for the challenges include knitting world luminaries like Clara Parkes, Franklin Habit, and of course, our own Amy Detjen, among many others.

Videos are released at the beginning of each challenge, then the designers send in video updates of their progress during the allotted challenge time, followed by judging, so there’s new action on the site often!

Several of the designers, like Challenge 1 winner Talitha Kuomi, Jennette Cross and Natalie Larson, were featured in Knitcircus Magazine, so I kind of feel like I discovered them, and have a special fondess for their designs.

Velvet Hippo Stitch Markers


You guys may know that I have a small stitch marker obsession. Maybe because their smallness sets off a lifelong fascination with miniatures. When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was a little book, (sadly now out of print) which showed you how to make tiny dollhouse furniture from household objects. The thought that everyday objects like a toothpaste lid could become a lamp, or sponges could make little couches, seemed just as magic to me as the enchanted Turkish delight in Narnia.

One of my favorite workers of charming miniatures in the form of beaded stitch markers is Victoria Cannon, with her Velvet Hippo Dose and Half-Dose stitch marker sets. She also has special raglan-sweater kits, and tiny marker sets for your socks! Above, you’ll see how they come on a sweet, hand-lettered and hand-ribboned card, that opens up to show the happy beaded WIP jewelry within


My favorite little treat for myself is a dose of Velvet Hippo!

Have a great weekend and happy knitting,


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