The Morel of the Story

KnitcircusMay 29, '13


Every year, for my Dad’s birthday, we hunt the elusive morel mushroom! Their handmade house makes the perfect staging area for the party.


Over the years, they handbuilt stone stairs, flanked by ferns and flowers up to the driveway.



Jack the dog stands guard. 

ImageThis year, my twin niece and nephew joined the hunt for the first time. Lots of ticks in these woods, so everyone has special hats, pants-tucked-in-socks and shirts tucked in pants outfits to keep them at bay.

ImageLittle Z is the style leader, as always.


Down the path and up the hill! Everyone keeps their eyes peeled, while I don heavy-duty gloves to harvest some nettles for soup.

ImageBelle takes good care of K-boy, making sure he doesn’t stumble in the underbrush.He’s determined to protect her, too.

K-boy: I have a nettle stick! If the nettles come near you, I will get dem!

Did the hunters succeed?


Now, for some cake!



With Grammy on the job, we have two cakes, one chocolate and one gluten-free lemon cheesecake. Yum!Image

Cherry trees are in blossom in the back garden.


Morels soaking in the bowl. You soak them in salt water for a few minutes before cooking; you can do all kinds of fancy things with them, but we just trim off any dirty or blemished parts, sautee them in butter and enjoy the once-a-year taste.


We vanquished the nettles, and then we ate them! I used this recipe, and served it with a dollop of sour cream and chopped pistachios.

Happy birthday, Buppa!









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