Play Ball, Wind Yarn, Yarnover

KnitcircusMay 7, '13

Things have been hopping in the Lair, with Yarnover and two Yarn Clubs  not to mention spring springing…


Last night, our plum tree began blossoming; this morning, the cherry tree joined in the fun.


Yarnover was a blast; driving ninja Amy D got us safely to Minneapolis and back, and we stayed with her sister, the perfect hostess in every way (and by ‘perfect,’ I mean she got up at 5 am to make us coffee for the early setup on Saturday morning. Not only did she make the coffee, she gave us insulated coffee mugs–to keep). Yarnover knitters loved the Matching Sock Sets (two smaller gradient yarn cakes); they were all gone within an hour of the event’s start. So I’m dyeing up more in the Lair as fast as I can, and will let everyone know as soon as they’re up in the shop.

It was an amazing group of knitters all in one place, and we got to meet and chat with Mary Scott Huff, Annie Modesitt, Stephanie Pearl McPhee, Sivia Harding, and many more wonderful knitters. Of course, Amy mostly chatted with them, while I tried to cover my star-struck-ness by selling yarn or fluffing things in the booth. A huge thanks to the organizers of the event; everything went very smoothly and we had a great show.

I don’t have any photos, because  as someone with the same device said, “I have the dumbest smartphone in the world,” and it doesn’t take pictures (well, it does, but they do not resemble any recognizable objects or people). It was Little League Opening Weekend, so I left the camera with Mike, thinking I’d sadly miss the games.

Thanks to Amy’s determination and mad skillz, I actually got home in time to catch both boys’ games!


There’s Li’l Buddy, ready for anything in the field.


And Buddy D, being announced for his Little League debut! He walked once, struck out once, and hit the ball once, so experienced some of everything.

We recently found out that Buddy D will be with us all summer, so are very happy. He’s playing flag football with Li’l Buddy, and will soon add swimming to his list of sports!



Of course, it’s been very busy in the Lair, with packages going out last week for the Spring Sparkle Yarn Club, and this week for the Gradient Yarn club, but no photos of that until everyone has their treats in hand!


Happy Spring, everyone!



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