This is the biggest thing to hit the Evil Lair yet!

ImageThis machine may not look too pretty, but to me, it’s absolutely beautiful. My dad made me a motorized swift this weekend, so that I can just flip a switch and yarn winds by itself while I’m checking dyepots or changing water baths.

Truly a revolution in the Lair (and my kids have learned the lesson of the Industrial Revolution  too, as the machine takes over their chance for extra pocket money).

Thank you so much, Dad! My mom has also pitched in to get ready for Yarnover by winding, labeling and packaging, and Friend Extraordinaire (and talented designer) Elizabeth Morrison took a turn, too, helping finish many gradients.

This show, I”m proud to announce the official debut of Gradient Sock Sets!

My test-Imageknitter, Ginger, made a lovely example of how they turn out:


Here’s how they look ready to knit; two little perfectly-matched balls. They’re dyed so that every single stitch of your socks will be the same.


We’ll have a limited number, so please try to stop by early in the day if you’d like to take one home!


It’s my first time at Yarnover, but I know amazing teachers from around the country will be there, and we’re expecting a great time. Amy D will be there with me, so if you’ve ever listened to the podcast and wished you could meet her in person, now’s your chance!

Details: Yarnover is this Saturday, from 8am to 4:45, at  Hopkins High School – 2400 Lindbergh Drive, Minnetonka, Minnesota. Hope to see you there!

Yarn Clubs

I apologize to my wonderful Yarn Club members; because of the rush to prepare for Yarnover, both the Spring Sparkle and the Gradient packages will go out early next week. I am so sorry, but the yarns, patterns and treats will be coming your way soon!

Take care and keep on knitting,


April 25, 2013 by Knitcircus

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