Hi, Knitters,

Wow, Yarn Con was fun! Belle and her little hand-truck helped me set up the first-ever Knitcircus Yarns booth:

Image Don’t be fooled by the pre-teen nonchalance in the photos, she was into it. Image

The Gradient Table. We packaged them in gift boxes like yarn-y confections.

Thanks so much to Sara Ware and the other two wonderful organizers of the event; they were so sweet, and all three came by the booth during the course of the show to chat and ask how things were going.

The new venue and two-day format seemed to be well-received. Image, Chicago attendees, weary of paying more for an hour of parking than for a skein of hand-dyed yarn, particularly loved the free parking!

In the balcony, classes by Allyson from Sweatshop of Love, plus dyeing classes and plenty of other prominent Chicago knitters, seemed to be drawing happy groups all weekend.

We loved our Greektown hotel, and had a lovely dinner with Rita of Yarn Hollow and ImageCJKoho. Rita was wonderfully helpful in giving me tips for the show so we arrived prepared, and incredibly, with her help, nothing important was left on the kitchen table at home!

Sunday morning, with a nice, relaxed start to the show, Belle and I were able to take a cab downtown for our favorite Do-Rite Donuts. Gluten-free donuts, plus pastries dipped in Valrhona chocolate and encrusted with pieces of Thin mint cookies or candied lemon peel…if you’re in Chicago look them up! Just look for the tiny store with the huge donut out front  We got some to share with our friends, especially our next-door booth neighbors at Piddleloop, who may have literally saved my or others’ lives by bringing superglue for my broken glasses.


Yep, Suave Girl here stepped on her glasses right before the show. In fact, I had just finished labeling the last skein and was about to head triumphantly to bed when I stood up, took one step and heard the crunch. Superglue and glasses isn’t a great mix, but desperate times=desperate measures. Also, since Mike’s coworker told him about the Zenni site, glasses aren’t nearly the eye-popping expense they used to be. This is my first time using them; I just ordered the frames that looked the most like my old glasses. Will keep you posted on how they work out!

The show floor was chock-full of wonderful  yarns and knitting goodies, like friends Sun Valley Fiber Farm, Happy Fuzzy Yarns, Fairy Yarnmother, Pattern Tamers and Sophie’s Toes. In the possibly Best Thing Ever that could have happened this show, it turned out that Sophie’s Toes yarnmaker Emily’s daughter was the same age as Belle; literally born just a few days apart. The girls had a blast looking at every booth, looking down over the show from the balcony and sipping iced tea together.


As an end-of-show, treat, I purchased one of Emily’s wonderful skeins sprinkled with color, This one looks like a birthday party in yarn form!


It was so exciting to get to meet some Knitcircus Podcast listeners in person at the show! For those of you who’ve been waiting,thanks for your patience!  Amy and I have recorded two shows, I just need a few minutes to rub together for some editing. with the Spring Sparkle Yarn Club, Gradient Yarn Club and Yarnover all in the next two weeks, it’s just flat-out dyeing right now…


Following the wonderful Yarn Con experience, I’ve got new yarns up in the Kniticircus store! More gradients than have ever been in there before.


Hope you are all taking care and enjoying knitting as spring slowly approaches…


April 17, 2013 by Knitcircus

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