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And Then There Were Five


In family news, we have a new family member, at least for a while! L’il D has been with us for a couple of weeks now and will be hanging out with us until his family is able to move back to town.  He’s a sweet guy, and everyone is settling in nicely; the boys share a room, and Belle has observed that having another brother around takes Li’l Buddy’s focus off her! He’s much more likely to be kicking the ball around, rollerblading through the snow, looking at World Record Books or playing catch with Li’l D. He and Li’l Buddy were good friends before, so having him around is a bit like an extended sleepover. He’s in Belle’s class at school, which makes it easy to fill in the gaps if anyone forgets homework or misses a day.

Every day we can feed Li’l D a nice, big breakfast, help with homework and laugh at jokes is a good day in our house. He’s a lovable guy and we feel very lucky to have him.

Scilla Lace Socks

Everyone has gotten their first packages for the Spring Sparkle Yarn Club  so here are some pics of the new pattern: Scilla Lace Socks! Worked from the toe-up, the stretchy lace make these a fun knit, reminding me of the blue Scilla flowers we see blanketing the ground in woods or yards come springtime.

Knit Circus-150


The Pixie Dust yarn is a silk-superwash-nylon blend; luxurious  but easy care. I’ve put my pair in the washing machine twice already, with no pilling in sight! The silver glitter adds a subtle sparkle.


The pattern and the exclusive colorway will be available in September.

Happy Monday, everyone! To folks around here (Southern WI) drive carefully; we’re enjoying  a nice “spring” snowstorm!


March 18, 2013 by Knitcircus

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