Knitted Farm Animals, 15 Irresistible Easy-to-Knit Friends, by Sarah Keen

When Sarah Keen’s last book, Knitted Wild Animals, came out, my twin niece and nephew were toddlers, and her cuddly jungle creatures were perfect for them; they were fascinated by anything wild and fierce. Now that they’re preschoolers, the knitted barnyard is right up their alley. For that age group, the animals in this book are generally a great size; big enough to hug and squeeze and not get lost.

Charmingly photographed, in a volume sprinkled with fun facts (Did you know that the chicken is the closest living relative to the T-Rex?), this book is a charmer for those knitting for little kids. Many of the creatures, like the cow, bull, llama, donkey and goat, are made in a kind of teddy-bear style, sitting up, with arms and legs to the front.

Since I love stripes, and cats, probably no surprise that the kittycat is top on my knitlist, but the mama and baby chicken, duck and ducklings are close behind. The book includes a roster of techniques for success with the toys, including step-by-step instructions and illustrations for everything from the Knit Stitch to embroidery, to tassels, to stuffing the barnyard friends.

KNitted Farm Animals Giveaway

This toy collection oculd be yours!

Please check out the Knitted Farm Animals page on Ravelry and let me know which one you would like to knit most in a blog comment. I’ll pick a winner via Random Number Generator this Friday, February 8th.

Thanks so much to Potter Craft for providing the copy of the book!

February 06, 2013 by Knitcircus

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