Over the last few days of break, the kids discovered a love of ice skating , and I re-discovered my love of it.  The lagoon at Vilas Park offers a warming house and skate rentals, with hockey rinks and lights at night. We’ve gone there four of the last seven days! To me, skating is magic physics; gliding on ice is the closest we’ll get to walking on water.

Skating on a frozen pond really takes me back to a sense of history, too, making me think of Dutch, German and Scandinavian skating traditions. People have been getting together to enjoy sliding on a frozen lake for a long time! And there are lots of handknits involved; as Susie noted at Tenney Park, Wisconsin’s knitters have equipped their loved ones; I saw many berets and beanies, handknit mittens and capes out on the ice.

It really warms my heart to see my kids exploring under the bridges of the same lagoon I skated as a kid. Though I was never the hockey player like Lil Buddy is!

Sweater Progress

ImageThe Sunday Brunch sweater is coming along slowly but surely! I finished the first color and have transitioned to the second; this is going to take a little more planning, too, since I need to work the sleeves at the same time as the body to make sure that my yarn all comes out right in coordinated stripes.

Here’s where I slipped it off the needles to check the fit, and it seems like the arms and bust are working for me. That’s good, because I want to avoid making too many mods and really understand the sweater construction as written.

ImageNow I just have to keep on truckin’!

Happy Birthday to Me

Last week was my birthday, and Mike and the kids did it up right; I had a special plate, balloons and presents waiting when I got up in the morning!

Of course, there were some knitting presents:


A new Stitch Dictionary and a lovely Namaste Circular Case. I’m a little ashamed to admit I already had one, but all of my needles didn’t fit inside! Now they’ll all be secure and stylish.

My dad also gave me one of the best presents ever, a custom-designed piece of equipment for the Lair which is going to make gradient yarns literally twice as fast. I am so excited!

Hope you’re all having a lovely winter,


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