Cozy Fall Weekend

KnitcircusOct 22, '12

Hi, Everyone,

Hope you had fun this weekend; our part of Wisconsin enjoyed sunshine after a rainy week. Saturday, my Grandma and our neighbor kids came over for pumpkin carving; the kids really stuck with it and we got a nice crop of pumpkin seeds to roast as well as a Jack-o-Lantern for each child.

Once we’d washed the pumpkin guts from our hands, we made caramel apples, peeling two bags’ worth of caramels and melting them.  They turned out okay (delicious, all the kids agreed), but the caramel was very thick and hard to work, so I suspect I should have looked for a recipe (this one adds milk to the caramels; will try next time).

Fall Art Tour

Little Buddy ended up getting sick in the night, so he wasn’t able to go with me on Sunday to the Fall Art Tour; every year, we help my dad at his studio as carloads of visitors pile in to check out his furniture and enjoy the picturesque trip through the valleys and fields of southern Wisconsin.

Because of the dry summer, the trees peaked early, but color still blazed on some of the hillsides.

You may have seen some of my dad’s work in the backgrounds of my photos: he creates one-of-a-kind pieces hand-inlaid with wood, fossils and mother-of-pearl.I  love my dad’s work, and it’s how he and my mom raised us up and put us through college!

He began by making wooden toys when I was just a baby, with a tiny shop in the closet of their Oakland apartment. He was able to apprentice with woodworker Espinet in the 70’s, and after that, began working in his own direction with sculptural furniture. Over the years, his vocabulary of techniques and symbols has grown, so now he makes functional (and very comfortable) furniture with maps of dream or spirit worlds.

Desktop Detail

Lotus side table

One side of a glass-topped coffee table.
My dad is one of the artists who have been able to make a living doing what they love, so our family considers ourselves extremely fortunate.

In Knitting News

No Sunday Knitting this week, with all of the Art Tour excitement, but I’m working on Secret Knitting for a photoshoot this week, and have been dyeing up yarn for the All Wrapped Up Yarn Club. Since it’s an exclusive colorway (actually 2 colorways) no photos yet!

But here’s a new project I’ve been working on: A Sweater’s Worth of Yarn!



Each skein is a couple of shades darker than the last, so you get a gradient-striped sweater.

This is worsted weight, but I was thinking of offering them in sport, chunky and fingering, too. And in different amounts (approximately 1000-1600 yards, so you can get the right amount needed for your size.

As soon as my deadline knitting is finished, it’s casting on Laura Chau’s Samovar sweater for me!

Watch for some Sweater’s Worth’s soon in the Knitcircus yarn store…

Enjoy your Monday,








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