Fall In Full Color

Fall In Full Color

Thanks to IrishGirlieKnits for getting the  Knitspot Fall Club Blog Tour off to a sensational start! It’s great to be Stop #2 on this fiber train….

At TNNA, I ran into designer and knitting teacher Anne Hanson, of Knitspot, along with her wonderful assistant Erica, and was excited to hear that Anne is kicking off another one of her beloved Clubs! With 51 lace wrap and shawl patterns, 53 sock and footwear patterns on her site, Anne’s pattern writing prowess is well known.

Starting in August, she’ll be running the Knitspot Fall in Full Color Club, including six monthly installments of yarn, patterns and fun content. Each month features not only a pattern, but a book chapter by Anne, 20-30 pages of musings on fiber, the creative process and other topics of inspiration. Shipments of luxury, independent yarn specially chosen to complement the project are shipped to Club recipients around the globe.  Once all of the packages have arrived, Anne unveils the pattern, designer notes and photos for the month.

This is the third offering of Knitspot clubs. Anne launched her first Fall In Full Color club in August 2011, followed by Bare Naked Knitspot in February 2012.

Each Club has a different theme, for this one:

We will explore a variety of gorgeous fibers and colors through a series of intermediate fall and winter accessory projects. each project is designed by Anne specifically for a custom yarn, to be portable and fun to knit, appropriate for gifting or keeping as a treat to oneself.

Yarns will include a selection of hand dyed choices from familiar knitspot favorites as well as new collaborating artists. a range of yarn weights and luxury fiber blends (mostly animal fibers) will be represented.

Her Bare Naked Knitspot Club, featuring undyed yarns of many different types, along with detailed information about the fibers and lovely accessories patterns, is just winding down. The yarn club part is all done, but you can still catch the e-book through the end of July.

One of the most charming aspects of the Knitspot fiber clubs is the Ravelry group for each one, called the group’s ‘Clubhouse.’ Club members gather to compare notes on patterns, share finished projects,get tips for travel, cheer each other on through new techniques and real life difficulties with a spirit of positivity and humor. Moderator KatJ, talks about the experience (referring to co-moderator Kim):

I’ve belonged to other clubs and have never had the connections that I get through Anne’s clubs.  Kim and I are all about having a good time.  We try to make sure the clubbies are enjoying themselves.  We don’t mind making fun of ourselves or letting our silly side show.  But when a clubbie needs us, or the group, we are there for them.  It’s obvious that this is a special club.  A club where people matter to us… we’re there every day.  We talk about our projects, our families, recipes, our interests.  We manage to enable each other from time to time with our yarn stashes and acquisitions.  We worry when a clubbie goes MIA.  We will track them down and find out what’s up…The clubbies are really important to us.  We value each and every member.

(from the Knitspot blog).

Briar Rose, Fall Color 2011

Anne carefully curates the yarns and projects, highlighting dyers like Briar Rose and Spirit Trail Fiberworks. This Club promises to bring yarns from old favorites as well as new collaborators.

The Club includes several levels; the e-book only, the club membership, and the “extra yarn” package, enough to make a second project for each month to give as a gift. Find membership and pricing info on the Knitspot site.

Here’s to a wonderful Fall, rich with color and friends!


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