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KnitcircusJun 4, '12

Laceweight, Belle’s worsted, and superwash sock hanging in the breeze

Belle and I took a yarn-dyeing class at beloved LYS The Sow’s Ear this weekend, and, oh, my, was it fun! Under the shady trees in the yarn shop’s front yard, Liz led us through the process of using acid-based dyes to color hanks of yarn; you could dilute the colors and dip yarn into cups, squirt directly from the bottles, or mix your own color, then spill and press it into the fibers.

Sock yarn gets its close-up. This may be my next Sport Sock….

The sock weight in the foreground here I made by dipping each section into different diluted baths of pink, blue, purple and periwinkle. Belle spill-and-pressed vibrant color into her worsted skein, and for  the hot-hued laceweight , I used just a couple of cups of less-diluted dye, plus a judicious squirt or two directly onto a couple of areas for more intensity.

This could be totally addictive; after doing two skeins, now I can think of so many other color combinations I want to try!  Liz is teaching these classes throughtout the summer, and Belle and I have already signed up for at least one more. Our fellow classmate, Pat, declared that she had given up trying to resist and had already registered for pretty much every single class.

Belle’s yarn in all of its glory

Other classes will involve coloring fiber, painting sock blanks (yes, please!) and other kinds of dyeing methods. The Sow’s Ear dreams of getting a pegboard setup so we can one day do long-striping repeats like Noro, Freia Handpaints, and Twisted Fiber Art. Sign me up!

Sport Sock Update:

inching along….

Still loving the Sweetgeorgia Tough Love in Maple.

This week, each kid has two games, so hopefully more prgress!

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