Stephannie Tallent, tech editor, designer, and now author of California Revival Knits just does such gorgeous, thoughtful designs. Now she’s doing a Knitalong for a pattern from her new book; the Wrought Mitts!

These would make great summer knitting; not hot and very portable. If you haven’t checked out Stephannie’s book yet, Wendy Bernard has a great review, or you can hear her guest spot on our podcast!

More Friday fun:

Ready to go for the Knitting Recipes book: some lace with this lovely Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock in Siren.

Not knitting-related, but I just found Firebird, this  little indy beauty shop and love this Glossy Lip Tint! It feels like lip balm, but you can choose exactly where to put it with the cool oval shape, and it packs a color punch.

Last but not least, our family’s going to the Roller Derby tonight. Woot! Only two tix shown, but we have more.

Everyone have a great weekend,


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