So, many of you may know that Amy Detjen not only co-hosts the Knitcircus Podcast, but is a trusty tech-editor for Knitcircus and for my own patterns. She’s the intrepid number-cruncher who worked on the Silk Moon Crescent Shawlette. The Silk Moon is a simple concept, and easy to knit, but deceptively tricky to write. The many increase rows, each with a unique number of repeats, added to the rate of increase on the borders, make for a demanding edit.

Amy and I went over the row numbers, and then the stitch numbers and then the row numbers again, and then the stitch numbers again. In the course of all this, Amy, in her wonderful, upbeat way, got out her needles, checked through her stash, and cast on for a crescent shawlette. By the time the pattern was finished, so was her shawl!

I, meanwhile, wanted to work one of the shawls in the larger size, so went to our beloved LYS, the Sow’s Ear. Since I always want the brightest colors, I told myself this time to tone it down, try something more subtle. The Noro Kureyon #250 I took home with me was gorgeous (of course, what Noro isn’t), but as I knit, I kept saying to Mike, “It’s just so dark!”

Amy and I had never seen each other’s shawls, so when she got out of her car to record the podcast the other day, my heart gave a leap of excitement–and then a little stab of envy. She had used exactly the colorway #102 I originally wanted!

Being Amy, she was wearing a lovely deep purple shirt with her shawl. As we exclaimed over each other’s knitting, she asked to try it on, to see what the larger size felt like. Of course, it looked perfect with her purple ensemble.

“I could just keep this…” she hedged.

“Would you like to trade?” I asked. Of course, she could take it as a joke, but I hoped she wouldn’t.

“Are you serious?” she said.


So the trade was made, and each of us felt like we got the better end of the deal. And there’s something about wearing something knit by a friend that makes it so much sweeter.

Oh, and knitters, I just found out that WEBS is having a sale on Noro Silk Garden! If you’ve wanted to try it for your first Silk Crescent (or second, or even third, as in the case of one amazing KAL knitter), now’s your chance. And, unless you have a friend like Amy nearby, I suggest choosing the color you like the most.:)

Congratulations to all of our Silk Moon KAL participants and finishers! This is just so much fun, and we still have three weeks of knitting. Watch for a new Saturday Surpise prize this weekend.



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