Little League Season is starting, bringing with it kids in white pants, hotdogs, a loud pop as the aluminum bats smack the ball, and hot sun on the grass. For me, it means it’s time for a summer of socks. I need something small and not hot to carry as I watch from the bleachers or behind the outfield fence, and I have to be able to look up many times as soon as baserunners start moving and not worry about losing the stitch pattern.

I thought that I would go through my Stuff-in-progress bin and find the socks from last year, and decide which ones to rev up again, but I was so amped up about the Stash Organization this winter, I responsibly unraveled anything I hadn’t worked in a few months. Had honestly forgotten this. So I have no socks-in-progress weighing me down, just a lot of sock possibilities!

My challenge to myself this summer; highly variegated sock yarns! You all know I love me some bright colors, and it’s time to break these out of the stash.

Above: the First Socks of the Summer; Sweetgeorgia Tough Love Sock, in the Maple colorway. Already wound into two parts to start working some toe-up socks.

My favorite sock recipe: Wendy D. Johnson’s vanilla socks, with a Turkish cast-on and short-row heel. FluffyKnitterDeb has a nice tutorial on the Turkish cast-on.

On deck: SpringTree Road Julep Sock: unfortunately, the tag got misplaced, so I don’t know the name of the colorway. But I highly recommend checking out Maya’s lovely site; she’s on maternity leave right now, so big congrats to the mama and her new little one!


So, less is more when it comes to these yarns, right? Just start knitting and let them do their thing….but I was thinking a little bit of ribbing or extremely simple slip stitch might cut down on the pooling a little bit. Any ideas, advice, favorite patterns?

Let’s hear it for the socks of summer….


April 18, 2012 by Knitcircus

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