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Friend-of-the-magazine Cindy K, a professional knitting teacher, has graciously agreed to review the new video by Stitch Heaven.

Stitch heaven

Stitch Heaven, makers of The Art of Knitting DVD series, has a new DVD that's part instruction and part inspiration. "Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G. Walker" has over 3 hours of material and retails for $24.95. If you are a fan of Barbara Walker's Treasury series of knitting stitch dictionaries, you'll enjoy the "Meet Barbara Walker" section; she talks about how she started knitting and compiling, and then inventing, stitch patterns. There are 18 stitch-alongs of popular patterns from Walker's book series. Written directions are available on the screen and on a paper insert, but the heart of this section is the carefully filmed sequences that clearly teach each stitch. There are easy opportunities to pause so you can knit along. Charts are available for some of the stitches which you can print if you do a screen capture off your computer. In the "Color & Yarn" section, notable color teacher Laura Bryant discusses contrast and the importance of swatching and experimenting.


The remaining sections I found less valuable. The Reference Guide is a series of on-screen lists of abbreviations, chart symbols, and the like. There are sneak peeks of other Stitch Heaven DVDs. The section labelled "Library" is really the production credits and sponsor lists. I wish they'd done more stitch patterns instead and included charts on a paper insert. I do recommend this DVD for advanced beginner and intermediate knitters who are starting to experiment with stitch patterns because the instructional sections are very good. Knitters who have already delved into Ms. Walker's stitch dictionaries or are game to experiment on their own may not find it as useful.

–Cindy K.

Thanks so much, Cindy!

Disclaimer: this video was given to us for review by Stitch Heaven.

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October 19, 2011 by Knitcircus

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