My dad knows of an abandoned apple orchard, and he and the kids went harvesting last week. They brought back literally a bushel of apples!

They may not all be pretty to look at, but we figured they'd make great applesauce.

My dad loaned us his Foley Food Mill, and his advice ? 

"Just quarter them and throw the whole thing in the pot, and then you can strain out the skin and seeds later."

We like a simple plan, so that's what we did…and did, and did. We cooked them on low for several hours, some with cinnamon, some with white sugar, some with brown, and some with agave. The apple skins turned the sauce a russet brown, but didn't affect the taste; maybe it even has more nutrients!

We've got a couple of containers ready for eating, and freezer bags full waiting for the cold months to come.


I'm going to make some of these Candy Apple Scones, from the Fall issue, for breakfast this weekend, and maybe an apple crisp, and that's the lot! If we feel daring and have some time Sunday afternoon, we'll try frying up GF Apple Fritters. Yum!

Have a cozy weekend, whether you're looking at the first hard frost like we are, or still enjoying  the warmth.



September 30, 2011 by Knitcircus

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