Second Knitcircus Podcast and Show Notes

KnitcircusAug 21, '11


Yay! Podcast #2, is here, in which Amy tells us about  the joys of ripping back, why you have to lock your car this time of year, and about the history of Elizabeth Zimmerman/Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp, Jaala recaps her experiences at Sock Summit and there's a lively debate about a short piece of knitting equipment. Find it on itunes, too!

Dedicated to Joyce Williams.

Show Notes:

Amy gives us a short history of Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp

Dedicated to amazing knitter Joyce Williams: her books include

Latvian Dreams

Sweaters from Camp

Armenian Knitting


 Jaala joined 6,000 other knitters atSock Summit

Event organized by Yarn Harlot Stephanie Pearl McPhee and Tina Newton/Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Jaala met at Summit: Brooke from Sincere Sheep 

Stricken Smitten

Signature Needle Arts 


Clara Parkes

Clara has lots of great tips in her: Knitters Book of Socks

Tactile Fibers

Fickleknitter,  August Pansy Shawl

Cormo/Blue Faced Leicester

Jaala splurged on a : Japanese Stitch Book


Meet us at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival!

These worthy women will also be at Sheep and Wool:

Jennie the Potter

Jacey Boggs 


On Amy's needles: from Knitting Around, by Elizabeth Zimmerman ; Baby Bog Jacket 

In Jaala's Knitting Bag: Stricken Smitten Silk/BFL

Hiya Hiya short circular needles

Heather Ordover; Craftlit Podcast: The first podcast Jaala ever heard!

Heather's new book from Cooperative Press: What Would Madame DeFarge Knit?

Point of Contention! Short circular needles: delightful or evil? Leave us a comment or vote in our Facebook poll!

Also, from this podcast, you might think that Jaala still lives in her parents' basement. This is not true. She lives next door with a very understanding husband, two kids who love Mini-Mochimochi, and many pets. So it's just quieter over at her mom's house, which is why Jaala and Amy sneak over there to talk knitting. Really, it's a lot quieter over there.





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