Because of airline funkiness, the only flight home we could get on Sunday left at 6:30 am, and I couldn't in conscience ask Mike to take the kids Monday, too. So Saturday was my big last day, and big it was!

Amassed treasures. Queen Bee Creations handmade pouch; Sock Summit tape measure; the skein under the pouch is Indigodragonfly's color called "You Punched the Highlights Out of Her Hair!"

That's a very special skein; I promised my mom she could choose any Indigodragonfly and I'd knit her Michelle Miller's shawl from the Fall 2011 Knitcircus. It also caused me to watch Scott Pilgrim again with Mike as soon as we returned home. The Japanese Stitches book was my big splurge; been wanting one of those for a looong time.

Saturday morning, I talked to lots of people at the Marketplace; lots of people had done their big shopping Friday, so it was relatively quiet. Lots of exciting finds: Brooke from the Sincere Sheep, Kimber from Fiber Optic, Mercedes of Kitchen Sink Dyeworks , Carl and Eileen at Bijou Basin, and Maia of Tactile Fibers all agreed to provide yarn support for Knitcircus; whooo! 

It was exciting to connect with other designers and podcasters, like getting to have lunch with Candace Eisner Strick, who we've been really lucky to work with, meeting Marly Bird, from Yarn Thing podcast, and Natalie from Cloudy with a Chance of Fiber podcast; it was so cool to meet Stitchy McYarnpants and Splityarn; also talked to the Tangled and Entangled ladies. Ms. Gusset came all the way form Australia, and Clara Parkes told us that Ms. G is working on getting new Zealand sheep fleece scoured and washed locally. I guess it's pretty standard to process the wool in China. Go, Ms. Gusset!

The afternoon gave me the chance to take JC Briar's Sock Pattern class; she has so much experience, and such an organized mind. Wow. It also made me very grateful that Ada and Steph created such a detailed Style Guide for Knitcircus, since she emphasized that as the most important piece of a good pattern and smooth tech-edit experience.

 And, for the finale:

The Flashmob!

Can I just say, eveer since I first saw a bunch of teenagers doing a dance in a mall, I've secretly wished to be part of a flashmob, so thanks so much, Stephanie, Tina, HizKnits, Debby et all. That was a blast!

My mom took photos for us–check out the knitters!



Sigh. Summit was so much fun. Thanks a million to all of the organizers. Crossing my fingers we'll be back again in 2013!


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