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Waiting to get into the Opening Night reception; this was actually Thursday night. Stephannie and TIna tolde funny stories about the unbelievable amount of work they (and ST1 and St@ teams) did to pull together Summit 2009 and 2011. Their Convention Center guy, Mike, was very nervous about all of the kntitters and all of the yarn, concerned that we would immediately drop and trip over skeins of yarn if there was a fire, and stack spinning wheels in front of the fire exits. Apparently, after all they went through to convince him SS09 would work, they returned this year and said, "Remember all the things we did last year? We want to do all of those things, only more, and we want to bring in live sheep."

And Mike replied, "Sure. Where would you like to put them?"

Voodoo Doughnut

Friday, mom and I got up early (not hard, since the time change made our usual rising time around 5 am) to make the train polgrimmage to VOodoo DOughnut. There was walking after the train stop, and it wasn't immediately lear where to go, but we followed three women who looked like knitters and sure enough, they led us there.

The famous Voodoo Doughnut! Hard to see in this pic; glittery bricks!

Waiting in line.


A case of goodies; the one in the middle, the "No-Name," with Rice Krispies, chocolate and peanut butter? Our fave by far. In front you can see the famous Maple Bacon long john, and I think the orange one was dipped in Tang.

What a stylish box! We spotted these all over Sock Summit at different points…we liked our own pink box so much, my mom flattened it and took it home with us!
The SockGate. Not my particular geekery, so I wasn't sure how one usually comes out of it. This was a present from Tina to Steph, a fun surprise because they're both big fans.

Marketplace Friday AM:

Stephannie introduced me to Sarah, of the Sanguine Gryphon, and we'll be working with themfor yarn support, so that's exciting!

Friday morning, I picked up some yarn from one of my new fave finds; Didi of Little Red Bicycle.

 Look for a review  and pattern featuring her yarns in the Gifts Issue!

Not showing in the pic: the sparkle! This one's full of little silvery bits. I can't wait to use, it, maybe for a shawl (like a secret one coming up in Fall…)

I was so pleased about my LRB yarn that I walked around with the labels showing so people would ask where I got it.

Lunch: Stephannie introduced me to Michele, PDX Knitterati, who  showed us where to go for a delicious lunch at a cafe whose name I can't remember. It turned out to be a little longer walk than we thought,  and we had to run back in time for my class with Clara Parkes, and it turned out that the same thing happened to her! Whew.

Clara's class was called Tips and Tricks for Stretch and Strength; it was a distillation of the ideas in her new Knitter's Book of Socks. We got to touch all of the samples from the book; what a treat!  Clara was more relaxed and fun in person than the depth of knowledge in her books might suggest. A few tips: support small indy dyers and companies who source yarn locally, add extra twist stitches where your foot and your shoes tend to abrade, and the more plies, the better.

80's Dance Party:

The Sock Hop: Sorry, no pics, since it was too dark, but Steph, Webmistress Cindy and I danced up a storm to songs we kind of wished we didn't remember all the words to; designer Anne Kuo Lukito, yarnmaker Deb Accuardi, Kim from Anzula and lots of other people looked 80's-perfect, even with lace Madonna gloves. Kim can really move! At the end, a knitter in a flared, organza-lined dress led us all in erfect Thriller choreography; wish I knew her name; she said she'd danced in a goth Thriller video. She was spectacular.








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