Opening Day 

On Thursday, wonderful Knitcircus tech-editor Stephannie Tallent (aka Stephcat on Ravelry and twitter) arrived in town; we've worked together for a number of magazine issues, but had never met in real life. Seeing her was very satisfying, because she was just as I thought she'd be! Except way more fun to hang out with in person. :) 

 Longtime Knitcircus designer Fickleknitter couldn't be at the show because of a family emergency; it looks as though she will soon be parent to another child, for all the saddest reasons. We had told her we'd help out as much as we could, so Steph and I spent a good chunk of the day setting up the Fickleknitter booth, getting it ready for the marketplace open that evening. Holiday Yarns had done the heavy lifting, getting boxes in and unloaded, so we arranged patterns, put up signs and plugged in lights. A big cheer to SlippedStitch Studios, who manned and womanned her booth for almost the entire show.

We also got to hang out with the fabulous Ms Shannon Okey, help her string and hang sample socks, and sample some of her Voodoo Doughnuts.

Another Portland thing: little clusters of food carts, called "pods." At a little place called Savor, my mom got a grilled cheese sandwich on artisan bread, with local cheddar cheese, organic tomatoes and truffle oil. Wow. The only thing that wcould have made it a better taste sensation was washing it down with some of their Blueberry-Basil Lemonade. The basil wasn't overpowering, just enough to give it an intriguing taste. I want to figure out how they made that so I can try it at home! May even try this recipe today, with store-bought lemonade and basil from my dad's garden…

We ran into the sweet and friendly Julie, from Patternfish, at the food carts; she does such an amazing job with that pattern site!


The opening Marketplace session ran from 4:30-6:30 Thursday night. Playing the part of Fickleknitter, I slipped in and gave the booth a final primp; everyone got their booths all pretty, and then, according to Sock Summit tradition, gave a big cheer for the attendees as they started streaming in.

!Everyone went straight for their favorite stalls and began petting the fibers. You should have seen the lines at Sanguine Gryphon! It wouldn't be much of an exxaggeration to say that at one point, a quarter of the knitters in attendance were standing in that line. Couldn't believe when I checked back on Saturday that they still had any yarn left! 

 The marketplace, I tell you, was a well-edited (but huge) sock knitter's dream. Before the show started, I got worried that the lovely Desiree, of Stricken Smitten, would sell all of her new silk/wool blend before I could get to it, so she kindly set one aside for me. My first yarn score of Sock Summit!





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