Every year I get so excited about our little cherry tree; it produces bowls full of fruit every year without any help from us. What a trooper.

Yesterday's harvest:

Not photoshopped at all! They really are cherry- red.

On some good advice from my tweeps, we went with a cherry crisp as a pretty easy fix to do gluten-free. We fond out about our daughter's the wheat intolerance this winter, so it's the first Cherry Dessert with that particular baking challenge.


I used this recipe with a few minor changes, and it turned out great!

The modificiations:

I switched around the proportions on the oats and flour, so it was

1C flour; we used our all-purpose GF mixture; white rice,  brown rice, almond flour , corn starch and sorghum

1.5 C Rolled Oats (note: make sure to use gluten-free oats, like Bob's Red Mill

I also substituted butter for the shortening.

We invited Grammy and Buppa over for our very local produce treat.


We didn't have any vanilla ice cream, which would have been perfect, but homemade vanilla whipped cream wasn't bad either (not pictured).

And the tree still has more cherries, probably the same amount again. I'm thinking cherry-topped cheesecake…Thoughts? What are you making with summer's bounty?


Also, prizes will be announced and winners notified  in the sock pattern contest tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Enjoy your summer evening,



June 30, 2011 by Knitcircus
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