We interrupt your usual knitting content for a special news flash.

Today's the day!

Purl went from this:

Pregnant purl

To this:

Kittens first day
Sorry about the dark pic, I didn't want to disturb her with the flash.

The vet's x-ray showed three kittens, and she told us that might not be totally accurate; turned out that Purl had five babies in there! (One is under her forepaw in the pic).

It wasn't long since Purl was a kitten herself; in fact, she's still pretty darn young. The vet recommended waiting to spay her until she was six months old and we had her appointment on the books; turns out our Purl is an early bloomer. We didn't know that she was in heat or that she could use the cat door until one morning, I couldn't find her anywhere. Finally, by the back fence, an unfamiliar cat ran away from me, and Purl crawled out from the bushes. And that was that! We've had cats all my life, and these are the first kittens I've seen on their first day on Earth.

The orange one, who the kids have called Foxy, gave us a scare; he came out pretty quickly after Kitten #1 (the gray tabby called Emerald), and Purl was busy licking Emerald and didn't notice him right away. I had to rip open his sac of water. He didn't seem to be breathing. With gloved hand, I tunred him over onto his stomach and he gave the tiniest possible wet, gasping cough. A couple of coughs later, Purl started licking his face, and then he started breathing and windmilling his tiny limbs.

Right now, everybody's resting just fine.



May 31, 2011 by Knitcircus

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