March ravelry

Ravelry folks were so kind, and sweet, and down-to-earth the way you know the Ravelers would be. Loved the way they told the story of beginning the site and being so excited when seven people were on it all at the same time. Even though it was the end of a long day in which they gave two talks, they graciously posed for a pic with me. It was so satisfying to get to thank them in person for being so small-business-friendly and making the site accessible to organizations like KC; Rav ads send 15% of our readers to the magazine.

Big props to Creative Director Tracy for creating the shirt I was sporting there;

March 2011 kc tshirts

Some fun handscreened prototypes…

We're flirting with the idea of offering Knitcircus swag, t-shirts, bags and the like, and Tracy used the graphics she designed for our Treasure Hunt for a festive look.

Now for the yarny goodness:

  March 2011 knit-in yarn 1

Delicious Sun Valley Fiber Farm yarns…

By dint of promising to review yarns and use skeins for designer support, many lovely vendors sent me home with mementos: The only caveat is that I get to fondle, but not keep these skeins. It's like fostering cute little kittens without the midnight face-pouncing. (Purl, by the way, lives up to the kitten stereotype by liking nothing better than to gnaw my WIP yarn to pieces).

March 2011 knit-in yarn 2
Yarn Hollow, Briar Rose, Ogle Design, Happy Hands…yum!

More Knit-In fun; I gotto take Franklin's Lace Edgings class and shoot the breeze and shop the yarn with Katie Mayer, our Yarn Stylist author and Loop blog writer. Thanks for the ride home, Katie!


Hope everyone's having a spring-y Monday,



March 21, 2011 by Knitcircus
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