Just returned from a place where it's almost always 80 F and sunny; check out some pics from the Caribbean island of Curacao.


  Waterfront facades small

 Looks like technicolor Dutch architecture? You bet! Curacao became officially independent of the Netherlands just last October, still relying on Dutch banking/currency and defense support. The whole of Willemstad, the island's largest city, has been declared a UNESCO Historical site for its unique architeccture, some dating back to the 1600's.

Fruit stand small

Not a historical site, but lots of fun! Little shops like this one spring up along roadsides everywhere on the island.
Houses on hill small


  Carnaval chair small

 During Carnaval season, people stake out their parade seats early!

Keshi yena small
An island specialty; Keshi Yena, ground beef with olives, raisins and gouda cheese. Everyone on the island learns four languages: Papiementu, the original language, Dutch, English and Spanish (just 35 miles from Venezuala; I'm sure this dish used Venezulan beef).  Most small grocery stores (and most of them were small) stocked Gouda cheese and liverwurst as well as Lover's ice cream, English tea, plantains and rice. If you can ever get your hands on any Lover's vanilla, you'll swoon as we did.

Salsa express small
Backyard sunset small
Little buddy snapped this pic off the back patio of our apartment. It was our family's first trip abraod, and well, we understand now why people would take a vacation to the Carribbean; warm ocean, lots of snorkeling (we saw a sea turtle) and warm enough to play in the water all day without the humidity we get with hot weather here.

Still, we're happy to be home, back with the kitten, the guinea pigs and our loved ones. 

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


March 11, 2011 by Knitcircus
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