Hey, at the last Madison Knitter's Guild meeting, we learned about a new project by Madison knitter Susan M.; a mobile Stitch Dictionary! It's a similar idea to the Walker Treasury Project, but not limited to stitches found in that venerable resource and destined for your iphone. 

Any knitter can be part of the collaborative effort and get credited for her contribution. Here's some info from Susan herself:

Would you like to participate in the creation of an electronic Knitting Stitch Dictionary for the iPhone?


I’m looking for samples of knitting stitches.

  • Photos of something you’ve already knit
  • 4×4” swatches of various knitting stitchs
  • You pick or I pick the stitch
  • Prefer: stitches with <= 14st repeats
  • Best are clearly knit stitches in “eye candy” colors
  • Knitter will be given name credit

I’ve love to have you be a part of this fun project. For more details, email

Kizmet53@gmail.com (ETA: please note email addy is now correct!)

In non-knitting news, we've recently gone from this:


To this:


Hope your weekend has been just as exciting,




February 21, 2011 by Knitcircus

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