We interrupt your regularly scheduled knitting blog for breaking news of the cutest kind.

November pearl 1
Pearl. Or Purl, as she's known to the knitters of the house.

We already have three cats we love, so adding a fourth is..a little crazy?

November mini

But the Humane Society had so many cats and kittens, they emailed that they were having a sale, $5 for cats and $20 for kittens (down from the usual $125). Over breakfast, we started playfully telling Mike (our token holdout) how much fun it would be to have a new cat, and how they needed a home….

"I think our kids are old enough to have a kitten," he said. When I was little, we had baby kittens and I've always remembered how fun it was. I've been waiting a long time for this day."

So we threw on our clothes and headed out to Adoption Center West. And all of the kittens were gone, and the only cats available coudn't be in homes with kids.

We trucked out to Mounds. They had a very friendly young adult there, but no kittens.

We headed all the way across town to the main shelter. They had eight kittens….and twenty-six people on the waiting list. After an hour's wait, we weren't much closer to the top of the list, but there weren't any kittens left.

We re-grouped. We soothed some very ruffled small feelings with a very late lunch at IHOP. And we looked on Craigslist for kittens.

The first person we called had just given away her two little tabbies, but she had a five-week-old that would be ready next week; could we wait until then? We could.

So it was all settled.

Then she called back.

"I was just talking to a friend of mine seven miles down the road, and she has one a few weeks older, a little gray tabby. We think its mother may have been hit by a car. If you'd like, I can run and get her and she can come home with you tonight."

We liked. In fact, some of us squealed.

November pearl 2
We came, we saw, we returned with Pearl. Or Purl.

November pearl 3
All photos taken by Pearl's young fan club.

She's a bit rough around the edges; her paws look a little too pink-speckled and her belly's suspiciously ballooned; she's missing all of her whiskers on one side, so we're keeping her away from the other kitties until the vet sees her tomorrow. But she's our little Pearl.

As  a happy treat from Purl, I'm giving away three Winter Pattern Collections today. Just leave a comment or ravmessage me (jaaladay) about the kitten.  If kittens aren't your bag or you just like Knitcircus, tell me favorite pattern or article from the Winter Issue. The giveaway will run until Wendesday am.


November 15, 2010 by Knitcircus
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