Okay, maybe it's not the very best time; a Sunday in January cuddled inside with fuzzy blankets while snow swirls outside is possibly the best, or Christmas afternoon while the kids read their new books, or outside on the first warm spring afternoon….well, there's lots of  great times for knitting. Let's just say November's one of them.

Hat Circus– A Success!

Thanks to everyone who participated; we made more hats and scarves than last year, and soon they'll be on their way to the kids who need them!

Holiday Knitting: A Cunning Plan

Thanks to Webmaster Cindy, for telling me there are only 49 knitting days until Xmas.

Over the weekend, I made a list of all of my holiday knitting projects; everything will work out perfectly as long as I complete a gift every three days between now and Xmas. No problem! Gulp.

Each item has three days to shine, and to be the sole focus of my knitting (aside from knitting at the computer, because those projects need to be really straightforward). If, after three days, it stubbornly refuses to be ready to bind off, that gift goes to the back of the line and we move on to the next project. Theoretically, some things, like the Molly's Mittens, Organic Bath Set, OneScarf,  and Mousie will only take a day or two, so the others can sneak back in.

First on the list: finishing Belle's pullover. It's not a secret gift, but she wants to wear it now that cold is back!

November belle's sweater
Current state of the pullover.

Pattern: Making it up as we go along.

Yarn: cascade 220 Superwash, Turquoise.

Winter comes out Wednesday!

Binky balls two babies

Nineteen knitting and crochet patterns plus two videos!

Tomorrow: Shear Spirit review

A special guest post reviews one of our favorite books; the first in a new occasional blog series.

Have a great Monday,


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