Kids costumes 2010
Harry Potter and the Cute Chipmink had a blast on Halloween. Belle wanted this cotume, so we used a vintage kids' sleeper pattern that even included the cap and ears! You have to see the back to know she's a chipmunk:

Kids costumes 2

Little Belle has been doing some knitting; all on her own, she decided she wanted to to stripes. And colorwork. In the round.

Nov belle knitting
 Her neckwarmer's turning out so fun!

In Knitcircus news, thanks so much to everyone who took the survey in the Fall Issue! We've learned some intriguing things like:

Your favorite knitting techniques:

Cables: 82%

Lace: 73%

Simple knitting: 79%


Your favorite things to knit:

Socks: 66%

Scarves: 64%

Hats: 64%

Shawls: 60%


Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas and preferences with us; now we can better tailor the designs for the magazine to what you'd like to knit.

Without further ado,  the third and last batch of survey winners are:

Knitcircus Subscription:


A skein of Kollage Scrumptious yarn (thanks, Kollage!):


Knitcircus Gifts Pattern Collections:



Cables Untangled, by Melissa Leapman (thanks to Potter Craft):


All winners have been notified by email.

You're the best readers ever!

If you're in the US, remember to vote tomorrow!








November 01, 2010 by Knitcircus

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