Hat circus 2010
Generous people, including Cookie Czar Bezzie have already created a dozen hats to keep kids in Milwaukee warm this year! Yay.

This year, we know a lot of people are hurting, so we're hoping to make more hats, scarves and mittens than last year–we've set a goal of 50 warm, fleecy items to keep the cold at bay.

Hat Circus means a lot to us, because helping people by having fun was the main reason Knitcircus got started. Even when we were really small, the organization managed to donate to Heifer international and KIVA.org with every issue. Hat Circus is our chance to create things we can hold in our hands and put them into the hands of kids who need them.

Why Milwaukee? There are people right here in Madison who need warm clothes…

Milwaukee's median family income is $36,464, compared to $51k for the state in general. The unemployment rate is 11%, with more than twice the violent crime rate of the rest of the state. When fmaillies struggle, kids hurt, and students in the highest-crime and highest-unemployment areas don't get to go outside and play when they don't have appropriate warm clothes. Having cozy hats, mittens and scarves lets kids get fresh air during the day and helps keep them from getting sick when they need to wait for buses or walk to school.

Last year, teachers and social workers told us that the kids were glad to get the hats, scarves and mittens, and so happy with their quality.

Please come to the Second Annual Hat Circus Party! Youre invited to whip up fuzzy accessories and nosh on snacks with us.

Saturday, November 6th 2-5 in Madison.

Please email jaala@knitcircus.com for directions.

We'll provide sewing machines, cutting supplies, fleece and patterns; please bring extra polarfleece if you can. Kids particularly like Packer football colors (dark green  nd bright yellow) and Wisconsin colors (red and white) or fun prints.

Not in the Madison area? Not a problem!

Use our handy, free Half-Hour Hat and Children's Fleece Mittens pattern to whip up your own cozy garments and send them to: Knitcircus 5102 Shawano Ter.Madison, WI 53705.

Win Knitterly prizes! Everyone who sends hats can win Knitcircus Pattern Collections, Year Subscriptions and fibery prizes!

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October 28, 2010 by Knitcircus
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