October maples 2
It's fall for sure, now that our maple trees have turned. Last week , hardly anything– this week, they're a chlorophyll rainbow.

This weekend there was adventure afoot at Hogwarts. My dad, or Dumbledore, helped me put together an adventure treasure hunt, which not only involved finding clues in the freezer and under a big rock, but meeting Hagrid and some house-elves, and finally coming face-to-face with Voldemort. The Hogwarts students won, and came away with a bag of gold (Or maybe it was chocolate).

Spurred on by the kids' ardent desire, I sewed up five robes and made eight House badges (thank goodness for internet graphics). My favorite part was making  Chocolate Frogs with Li'l Buddy.

October chocloate frogs

They turned out quite convincing, I think, even though they didn't even have one really good jump in them. We used one of these, and didn't have to grease it or anything! Just melt the choloate, pour it in, put it in the fridge and Bob's your uncle.

One guest and her parents even brought handmade dogwood wands for every kid.

After all the waffles had been eaten, robes and toothbrushes located and jellybeans handed out, we all just rested on the sofa for a while. Whew.

In Knitcircus news, it's giveaway winner time!

October handwerks

Handwerks Sock Plus 8 in Pacific View.

One lucky survey winner gets not one, but two skeins of this luscious Handwerks yarn, and it's mee-pai!

October nnk patterns

Another lucky winner takes home the Never Not Knitting Patterns, and it's: renaes123!

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ETA, whoops, this is next week, the 11th.  Thanks for pointing that out. It's going to be an exciting Guild, with Guest Speaker Jared Flood. I hope he'll have some of his new yarn with him….


October 04, 2010 by Knitcircus

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