September bikes

You know, since I was a kid, they've improved some things about this city; now we have veritable bicycle highways where the railroad tracks used to be, complete with bridges and on/off ramps! The kids, Buppa and I pedaled over to the the Willy Street Fair, where we met new Knitcircus Photographer Kate by chance and watched her brother blow glass right out in the street.

The great, cool weather (and maybe the Gifts Issue…)must have jump-started my Holiday Gifts fever, because my needles are just clicking away! Last year, I swore off gifts knitting,  and decided to only sew presents but this year, I've just got too much holiday spirit to keep it away from the skeins… 

September onescarf finished 

Finished One Scarf for my mom.

And I've started a second one for me with the deep, vibrant Cascade Magnum from Ewetopia:

September onescarf 2 

Usually, I re-use clear bags from my LYS purchases as my project bags, but with Secret Projects around, I realized that just wouldn't do! So I used some of the fabric Mom and I picked up at the Quilt Show to make a medium-sized bag with a wrist loop so I can take it to soccer games, etc.


September kaffe and amy

September project bag

The big button was from my Grandma's vintage stash; the pretty green bag jewelry is a ring of small markers from Crimson Orchid just hanging from the button attachment. Now I can work on holiday presents and my dear family members will never guess.

Hey, Miss Megan made it into the next round at Project Foodblog; check out her mouthwatering Eclairs for Round #2!

More giveaway goodness: the Knitting blog at CraftGossip is giving away some Pattern Collections, so head on over there for a fun roundup of knitting events, people, etc and to maybe win the Gifts Collection for your very own.

September 27, 2010 by Knitcircus

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