Miss Megan and Hat Circus

KnitcircusSep 23, '10
September Miss Megan chocolate caramel cake

Hey, if you all enjoy food as much as I do (and I think you do…) please help my friend Miss Megan by voting for her Chocolate Caramel Cake post in the Project Food Blog contest! Miss Megan's a fun-loving and foodloving mama with incredible spirit and determination; nothing dampens this gal's zest for life! It's a fun all-around contest, where foodbloggies post certain entries and you get to vote to keep them in; besides Miss Megan, you get to vote for lots more foodies and poke into entries about basmati rice, coconut and other exotic and down-home dishes. You can see more of Miss Megan's foodie goodness at Foodalution. The chocolate salted caramels she just made had my mouth watering…

In other good news, we received our first Hat Circus donations from an enterprising knitter going by the handle Knitrelaxsmile:

September Hat Circus

Yay! Thanks so much for sending those, some kids are going to be happier and warmer this winter. Remember, you can submit any sewn, knit or crocheted kid-sized hats until October 31!

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