Ferris wheel

Cotton candy–freshly spun, check. Ferris wheel, check. Bucket-o-mini doughnuts, still hot, with cinnamon sugar, check. Demo derby,and another bucket of mini doughnuts, check. Tilt-a-Whirl, Berry go Round and Catch 'n Air before wristband time runs out, check. Organic hamburgers, chili and pie at affordable prices–wow! Yep, it was Vernon County Fair Weekend.

And of course, I made some purchases at Ewetopia

September ewetopia
From left: Cascade Magnum, Ewetopia Panda Bamboo Sock (green), Hand-Dyed Alpaca/Wool, and Woolly Bear Farm Merino Hand Dyed worsted.

Scarf partial sculpture 

The One Scarf, by Allison Harding.

Over the weekend, I also cast on a One Scarf of my own:

September jaala onescarf
Just started this Saturday morning, and I forgot my cable needles for the soccer game, so really, I could have gotten further. This is such a quick, satisfying knit! The yarn here's Rowan Big Wool yarn (held double, but only because I'd originally knit it into a sweater that I then frogged and it got smushed. I think virgin Big Wool would work just fine for this project). This one's a holiday gift, but that Cascade Magnum up there? That one will be mine, all mine…

You'd like giveaways you say? We've got giveaways!

Designer Jane Prater's doing one on her Merely a Suggestion; JPKnits blog!

We're still going strong with out Big One, the Alice Starmore Giveaway, so email me or post pics of your Knitcircus projects in our Ravelry Group to be entered for that. The drawing will be September 29th.

Thanks again to Wendy Johnson, and to Sunset Cat and Fickleknitter for their lovely giveaways last week!

Hope you're getting the cool fall weather we're enjoying here. I love being able to get the crock pot going in the mornings with some good soups and stews…


September 20, 2010 by Knitcircus

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