Over the weekend we enjoyed using some of our bounty of apples:

September applesauce


It's so easy and fun: not so much a recipe, but a do-by-feel project.  This particular batch was enthusiastically hand-cranked on my dad's  apple-coring/slicing/peeling gadget by a seven-year-old with some help from neighbor friends. We got out our two big pots and simmered the apples over low heat for about an hour. Just keep throwing thinly-sliced apples in your pot(s) stirring and roughly splitting with a wooden spoon and cooking until desired smoothness. We used a couple of teaspoons cinnamon in each pot, adding several handfuls of brown sugar to one and about a half cup of Agave to the second.

My blood sugar's a bit feisty, so I have to watch my sweets intake (tricky, since I love to bake and adore sugar in any form). If you haven't tried it, Agave Nectar's a great honey substitute, and doesn't spike the blood sugar. So now I have two containers of mama-safe applesauce (I may have already eaten the small bowl pictured here).

The apples do cook down quite a bit; our big pots made about two sixteen-ounce tupperwares each. The applesauce freezes nicely for future waffle topping or bag lunches.

In Knitcircus News, the Special Gifts Issue's coming out in just a couple of days, so we're doing the last-minute whirlwind of editing, linking and updates.

Here's a peek at a Gifts project that I can't wait to cast on:

Hands in pockets

This issue's not only our first Gifts Issue, but it's our first time with two issues (Fall and Gifts) running simultaneously. I'm excited and a little scared, but I know Webmaster Cindy's on the job…

The Alice Starmore Giveaway's still in full swing, so if you show us a link to your Knitcircus project, you're entered to win! 

Take care and craft on,


September 13, 2010 by Knitcircus
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