Okay, I can't quite explain why, except that preparing for the kids to be home all summer has put me in a kind of must-plan-ahead batten-down-the hatches mode, but I've just been reading recipe books and thinking about food a lot in the last week or so.

There was the Tassajara picnics cookbook that started it off, and then I was on Amazon getting something (*ahem, future giveaway, ahem*) and just happened to pick up  Molly Wizenburg's book  A Homemade Life:


I know one shouldn't say this, but really, the cover alone was almost worth the price, much less that the book was full of thoughtful, poignant stories from Molly's life from losing her dad to meeting her future husband, accompanied by lots of mouthwatering recipes. I loved it so much that I even paged through the whole book again writing as list of all of the recipes and their pages, only then to discover that the publisher had handily included a recipes index. I just wanted an excuse to look through the whole book again.

The weather's treated us to lots of humid and cool lately, which has only fueled my desire to cook.Yesterday I made Molly's Ed Fretwell soup, an Italian white bean soup(even started soaking the beans the day before). It makes a huge pot of soup, so our freezer holds another night's meal, and everyone loved it, even one of the kids. My mom came over and dined with me at lunch today and we enjoyed it again.

Only the abundance of cherries on our little tree has kept me back from making her Winning Hearts and Minds Cake, a cake that promises to be smooth and dense with chocolate, only containing 1 Tablespoon of flour.

Of course, I'd heard of Orangette, but was delighted to learn that Molly and her friend Matthew have a podcast, Spilled Milk. It is hilarious, kind of like Lime and Violet or Stash and Burn for cooking, two people passionate about food, articulate and funny. They're short and fun, and they try things like eating rhubarb leaves (poison!) and twinkies, set off fire alarms… you must give it a listen.

Okay, must get kids from camp through the nice summer rainstorm. Carry on!


June 15, 2010 by Knitcircus

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