The kids have the hose on outside and everyone's enjoying being soaked in the June afternoon sun. Good times, good times. I even made lemonade for lunch.

My mom's side of the family comes from the Old Country, and we've got great genes for toiling stoically through cold winters, big hands for farming, the high cheekbones that go so well with a babushka,  and longevity you wouldn't believe. But we droop in the heat.  Belle played soccer on a hot day, then came home for some backyard kickball, and slumped in halfway through the game with her little face all screwed up.

"My head hurts," she said, and we lay her down on the couch.  Li'l Buddy was in charge of cooling wet washcloths for her head by windmilling them rapidly between soaks. 

When she said that she felt like she was going to throw up, I knew; I'm sorry, honey.You're one of us.

So that being the case, I hate to cook in the summer, and can hardly bring myself to think of eating much besides watermelon. But low blood sugar, kids, and a love of good food bring us back to the table. This book is my lifesaver:

Tassajara cookbook
Pay no attention to the tofu on the cover (if you don't like tofu; the kids and I love it. Though they wouldn't eat the green). This book, from famed Zen Center Tassajara, unfolds dozens and dozens of recipes for picnics, lunches and summer suppers with mouthwatering photos of sandwich fillings, dips, spreads, composed salads, regular salads and generally everything a person could want to eat in the hot weather, including cookies, which are perfect for any time of year. You just get up a bit earlier to bake them, is all.

My mom borrowed this book from the library and after leafing through, I had to have it. While recipes with tofu and tempeh are well-represented, the recipes are fancy and rich enough for gourmands like me and Mike. The first one I tried, Walnut-Artichoke dip, garnered rave reviews from the family and my mom. Toasted walnuts, a whole can of artichokes, olive oil, fresh herbs, mmm. Only I had to know about the protein-packed tofu base.

Kind of thinking I may just open to a random page each day and have whatever's on it for dinner. And the further genius of this cookbook: everything can be made in advance, like in the morning, No need to mix and sweat in the afternoon, just bring out your Bab Ganouj and Red Pepper Hummus and some pita.


Pretty Friday Yarn!

We've been getting in some decadent and pettable yarns for Yarn Support; here's a sneak peek at a couple of them:

June posh

Posh Yarn, Elinor Superwash Pure Merino. Soft, lofty and delicious, and just as luxurious as the name implies.

June black bunny 3
Black Bunny Fibers Superwash Merino Classic, color, Liberty Place. Nice round yarn, springy and tender. I

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