Knitcircus is a business, of course, but it's really a labor of love by almost everyone who participates, and really a network of designers, staff, yarn and fiber stores who all make it work. In that spirit, I'm happy and proud to begin a new blog series, introducing you to members of the Knitcircus world. Our first featured designer is new to Knitcircus with her popular and appealing pattern in the Summer issue, and makes an exciting addition!

Hunter Hammersen designs gorgeous socks, I just have to say that first. Every one of these designs makes my cast-on fingers tingle.

Scatterling 1 

Scatterling, from Knitcircus Summer 2010

KC: Tell us a little about your sock design in the current issue:

HH: Scatterling – They’re a nice unisex mix of a sturdy cable
and a basic rib with a slightly funky gusset. There’s enough going on to keep
you interested but not enough to make them hard.

Scatterling 2


KC: How’d you get started designing?


HH: Completely by accident! I had dabbled with knitting for a
few years, but I never really took to it. Then I found socks, and I was hooked.
I made my first few pairs from patterns, but soon I started making minor
modifications and then more major ones. Eventually I was working up my own
designs. I posted pictures of an early design, Popped on Ravelry, and people asked me to write them up. I did, and I haven't stopped.



KC: What’s your favorite part of designing?


HH: I love finding clear and concise ways to explain the more
intuitive parts of knitting. It's easy to point and say 'do the decreases in a
nice swoopy line over here and then mirror it on the other side,' but that
doesn't work in a pattern. The challenge of explaining it in writing is oddly


KC: Least favorite?


HH: I tend to get a bit bogged down while actually knitting the
samples. I'm a slow knitter, and making the items takes far longer than either
designing or writing patterns. I'm starting to work with sample knitters, and
it is a tremendous help.  (Me, too! I need to find a sample knitter– to teach me how to knit faster).


KC: Which pattern have you made that surprised you; harder or
easier to write than anticipated, more popular than you guessed?



HH: Graupel: I
thought the shaping on the foot would be difficult to write, but it went very
smoothly and everyone found it easier to make than they expected.


KC: Favorite kind(s) of yarn?


HH: I love thicker sock yarns. Thick socks are my favorite kind
to wear, and they knit up more quickly.


KC: Favorite needle sizes or kinds of needles?


HH: DPNs all the way. I just can't quite manage to get the hang
of circulars. I like size 2 best, but I'm a loose knitter so I need a nice
thick sock yarn if I'm going to use them. My size 1 needles probably get the
most use.


KC: What’s your all-time favorite design you’ve created?


HH: Sybaritic. They're just the right
combination of intricate yet intuitive.


KC: Designer(s) who inspire(s) you and why?


HH: I love Nancy Bush's attention to the history and tradition
of knitting. 


KC: Where can people find your designs?


HH: My designs and current projects can all be found at


KC: What’s next for your designs?


I've recently signed a book contract and am busy working on
projects for it.  I hope to have it out
late this year. 


 KC: Wow, congratulations, Hunter; we'll look forward to reading it. Thanks for talking with us today and design on!

Scatterling 3

May 17, 2010 by Knitcircus

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