Last Friday when I woke up and tiptoed into the living room, someone was there before me. Someone was sitting on the big red couch, quiet and alert. It was a knitter. A pint-sized knitter, my Little Belle. She'd made herself a nest on the couch with her favorite fuzzy blue blanket and had worked a couple of inches before anyone else even got out of bed.

Belle knows how to knit, of course, I've shown her several times, but she's always insisted on a big project. As we all know and the Yarn Harlot says so well,"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard." Belle hadn't quite finished a project yet. But this week, I rediscovered my Kids' Knitting book when a friend of hers asked to learn to knit. He and I sat on the hill at school and he learned both to knit and the Backwards Loop cast-on in short order. Now Belle wasn't the only one in her class who knew how, and she decided to do a KAL with her friend and his beanbag pattern.

In a couple of days, her buddy was on fire for knitting and worked half of the beanbag. After school Thursday, Belle came rushing up to me.

"How do you make your knitting change from one color to another?" she demanded breathlessly.The stripes really got her revved up. She got so involved that I found her a project bag, since she had to take it with her in the car, and when we arrived, her dad and brother headed inside.

I'll just go when I've finished this row," said little Belle.

Sunday afternoon, we sewed and stuffed the beanbag with real beans, and it almost literally has not been out of her hands since. It's had a lot of throwing, a lot of rubbing against her and friends' cheeks, a lot of scrunching happily in the fist.

My Belle finished her first project. She's a knitter. Dang, I enjoy picturing the amount of knitting she'll be able to do! She got a 22-year headstart on me….

April belle 2

In more good news, our friend Morrolessocks across the pond is doing possibly the most fun giveaway I've seen , and you can comment to win summer Knitcircus Pattern Collections or a subscription! Check it out and enjoy.

In more good news, we're heading toward the finish line–the new Knitcircus comes out this Saturday! Everyone's working on tying down all those details….

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