Mike's Grandma turned 90 this past weekend! Wow.
The family all gathered in Connecticut to celebrate; since it was so close, we decided to take a short trip to the Big Apple for a couple of days beforehand.

It turned out the Crown Tour I remembered as a kid, walking up many stairs into the very eyes of Lady Liberty, just opened up after being closed since September 11th, so those were all booked, but Li'l Buddy's second wish, the Empire State Building? Yes!

Empire state

View from the Observation deck at 86 stories. There's a lot of New York down there.

And we did get to see Miss Liberty! We fed coins into the viewfinder telescopes and all got to have a look.

Miss liberty 

Then of course the kids asked about why she was called Liberty and why New York is the Gateway to Freedom and I got all choked up telling them about their ancestors who came from Russia and Ireland to find a better life.

On Friday I dragged everyone downtown so I could make a pilgrimage to a famous yarn store (it wasn't that hard, since riding on the subway is the kids' new favorite activity).

Purl soho
Purl Soho! There's me in the only red-and-white jacket in the entire city. Apparently the adage that New Yorkers wear black is true, especially when it comes to outerwear, though brown or gray is also acceptable.And at least in Midtown, skirts, black tights and tall boots are where its at. Or tunics, black leggings and tall boots.

Everyone was very nice on our visit, contrary to their reputation as rude. Especially the people in Purl Soho, who made me feel like I was part of the party!

Purl soho 2
Purl window. That store, I will tell you what, it is tiny! Literally, there's a row of wooden boxes along both long walls and a table squeezed in the middle and that is it! They've really made the most of the space and it's bursting with color and texture, but, wow. It's really not much bigger than my daughter's bedroom, and we live in a reasonably-sized midwestern ranch house. I'm impressed at the mojo they've got coming out of there. I purchased one skein of yarn I'll show you later and a splurged on a set of Blue Sky needles in their own fancy case.  

I used my new Size 1's for my htNEVELE rub-a-dub yarn; my first toe-up sock, from Wendy's free pattern! The Fingeringweight Gusset sock was my choice to get my feet wet in toe-up, as it were. I've never quite fallen into meadow-scented love with socks like many knitters, but working this toe-up sock may have gotten me hooked. And the yarn was just what I'd hoped, changing colors often and unexpectedly to make each stitch a little surprise.

Toe-up socks
During the trip, I made it through the toe and foot, ready to turn the heel and start the gusset.

Toe-up sock 2
Um, yeah, The cast-on is me not reading the pattern before leaving the house. So this would be me not having printed out instructions for a Figure-8 or Turkish cast-on and trying to remember the diagrams from Wendy's first book. Yeah. It might have helped to remember that you have to make twice as many stitches for the Figure 8. So there's some darning to do, and the second sock will look better. Those even stitches, and the fact that I've tried it on already three times, and that I can start the other sock and know that I can make them both the same length…I think I can smell sweet meadow flowers.

March 30, 2010 by Knitcircus

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