Received this in the mail yesterday and boy, am I excited!


Kristin inspires me every time and I was so glad to have ordered it from her and not Amazon; she not only signed it, but included postcards of lambs dressed in handknit sweaters.

It's the weekend; let's sit back and relax with some pics of yummy yarn from the Knit-In.

Many of these were given to the magazine as yarn support from generous folks at the Marketplace, so you'll see them again in a new incarnation as knitted pieces one of these days…

My sock yarn

Sock yarn from the fabulous htNEVELE designs, color Mamacitas, purchased just for me. They do make nice subtle colorways as well, but I wanted something with spring colors to make me happy with every stitch. Upon consultation with Cindy, this will be knit in the plainest vanilla toe-up pattern imaginable.

Briar rose
Briar Rose Fibers, Glory Days, bluefaced leicester, 500 yards. This has a special purpose for a future issue and a worthy cause…

Hmm, more yarn to tell you about, but kids need to be picked up at school, where Pajama Day brought flannels and stuffed animals and even slippers and robes…

March 19, 2010 by Knitcircus
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