Smocked swatch

Ravelympics report: the textured swatch and stockinette swatches completed, last night I crunched numbers and measured a favorite sweater of Belle's to get the cast-on measurements, so tonight's the real cast-on. It'll be a top-down raglan construction, and Little Belle says today she'd like a bit of an A-line shape. I agree.

Knitcircus Issue 9's only been up a little while and we're hard at work on Issue #10! Should be sockalicious.


Gratuitous Shaun White digression:

Last night, Mike found an interview with Shaun White where he mentioned that his friend wanted to borrow his snowboarding gold medal to go out that night, and he returned it dirty. Shaun was grossed out, so he and his mom took the ribbon–and medal–to the dry cleaners. The cleaners returned it to Shaun on a hanger, and then, my favorite part of the the story, his mom said, "Ten dollars just to clean that piece of ribbon?! Look at that–it's hardly anything!"

Go mom. And Shaun tells a pretty good story. Little Buddy's convinced he'd make a good athlete because he's good at sports and tells jokes well; I have to agree there, too.

February 17, 2010 by Knitcircus

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